When Rams open offseason program, focus will be on present — not the past – therams.com

Earning it every single day — that’s something McVay has stressed since he became Los Angeles’ head coach back in January 2017. Even in his introductory press conference, McVay spoke of creating a team that was focused on daily improvement and daily excellence. Those are the kinds of core principles that the Rams will focus on to begin the offseason program.

“I think we talk about not letting one game ever define you,” McVay said. “And clearly that’s a big game, and it’s the first time we’ve ever navigated through it as a coaching staff. But it’s going back to the foundational principles, some of the core values that you want to operate with — just in terms of being in the present, producing in that given day. And those are things that we’ll go back to doing.

“I think we’ve got to understand that every year presents new challenges. But foundationally, there’s a lot of the same things that we’ll continue to do moving forward. But last year is last year. You want to learn from every single game. The Super Bowl provides a great learning opportunity for us.”

That being said, McVay realizes that there will be a bit of a balancing act between using the past as fuel, and not letting it affect what has to happen in order to be successful in 2019.

“I think everybody talks about the consistency at what New England’s been able to do, and you look at the way they responded to a great game [in the Super Bowl] against Philly and they found a way to consistently produce and then find a way to get it done this year,” McVay said. “For us, it’s not about the end goal — it’s about producing in the present. And that’s what we’ll consistently focus on.

“I think everybody that has a natural inclination to say, ‘Oh, you’ll be back’ — it’s not like that at all. For us, it’s about building one day at a time, and understanding that there’s 31 other teams that have the same goals that we do, and great coaches, great players. And we’ve got to do it the right way. And, again, not lose sight of what helped us have success over the last couple year.s But we’ve got to adjust, adapt, evolve, and then figure out the 2019 Rams specific to our players and our coaches — how can we figure out [how] to be the best versions of ourselves every single day.”

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