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Yup. It’s that time of year again, readers! The time where we remind you we know nothing about football, but we desperately try to bring you football related content anyway! You might be asking yourself, “Why put us through this again, ANW Nation?” Well we’ll tell you why! It’s Super Bowl time, and the Internet likes to talk about the Super Bowl, and we like what the Internet likes. Also, we’re part of SB Nation. Do you know what that stands for? SPORTS BLOG NATION. We gotta try to fit in once in awhile.

Last year, we asked for your opinion on Tom Brady’s Ninja Warrior skills.

Tom Brady is in the Super Bowl again this year, so we’re over talking about him. OLD NEWS. This Sunday, the Patriots will be facing the LA Rams, so we decided to take similar look at the other quarterback’s Ninja abilities.

BTW, his name is Jared Goff. Here’s what we could find on him in the way of Ninja abilities. Do you think he could complete a Ninja Warrior course?

He’s zippy! Fast feet for balance obstacles.

Click here to watch his performance at the 2016 NFL combine because they won’t let us embed the video in the article!

He hung out with that really popular Twitch streamer, Ninja. So there’s a connection.

He seems to work on his cardio, which is always good.

[embedded content]

Decent hand-eye coordination, we guess. We’ve heard NFL quarterbacks need that.

He once enjoyed dinner on Hell’s Kitchen. That show is produced by A. Smith and Co, the team behind Ninja Warrior. So maybe he got some inside knowledge on upcoming obstacles…

We assume this requires a little bit of upper body strength.

This has nothing to do with Ninja Warrior, but he’s got a dog and that’s important to us.

That’s all we got, folks! So, here’s the question, dear readers: Could Jared Goff complete a Ninja Warrior course?


Could Jared Goff complete a Ninja Warrior course?

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    (53 votes)

  • 19%

    Absolutely not.

    (18 votes)

  • 21%

    Why do you do this to us?

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91 votes total

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